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Step into the world of CHAiLD, where melodies intertwine with storytelling, and where the essence of soulful pop music finds its home. Born with a voice that resonates with warmth, CHAiLD’s music is a soundtrack to life’s highs and lows, a companion through moments of joy and sorrow. Each song is a chapter in his own melancholic yet beautifully uplifting universe, inviting listeners to dive deep into the depths of their own emotions. His intimate take on pop music serves as a vessel for storytelling, where every lyric is a page from his personal diary, laid bare for all to see.


The « New Age Romantic » draws musical inspiration from his Italian and Portuguese roots music he grew up listening to, while embracing the influences of modern pop icons like Lana Del Rey, Sam Smith, and Julia Michaels.

It’s this unique blend of old-world charm and contemporary flair that sets CHAiLD apart, carving a niche for himself in the ever-evolving music industry with a sonic landscape that feels both familiar and refreshingly new.


Having performed as an opening act for esteemed artists like Dean Lewis, Loic Nottet, Mahmood, and Nothing but Thieves, and boasting a rich catalogue of releases, including the hit single triumph « Night Call » which not only claimed the number one spot in Luxembourg—his native land—but also maintained its reign for an impressive 15 consecutive weeks, CHAiLD’s expansive talent was showcased as he became a part of Luxembourg’s jubilant comeback to the Eurovision Song Contest after a three decade hiatus. Competing in the country’s selection process, he earned his position among the final eight performers.

CHAiLD is on a trajectory toward greatness. His music transcends language barriers, resonating with hearts around the globe, as he continues to redefine the boundaries of pop music with his unparalleled artistry.


So, step into CHAiLD’s world, where feelings reign supreme, and let his music take you on a ride through the depths of human emotion.




Finalist at Luxembourg Song Contest 






Winner at Screaming Fields Festival

Support act for Dean lewis at Den Atelier

Support act for Mahmood at Rotondes

Artificiality headline show at Rotondes

Sick Water (feat. Maz Univerze) over 300K Spotify streams

CHAiLD x Maz Univerze at Kulturfabrik

Performance at Pride Luxembourg

Performance at Siren's Call Festival

Headliner: Baltic Pride

Headliner: CSD Saarlorlux

Urgent Care Show 

Tallinn Music Week